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Best Liquid Funds 2020 : Top 10 Liquid Funds


Best Liquid Funds: Top Liquid Funds to invest in 2019

23.02.2020 10:39

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Return for was 6. It primarily invests in liuqid market instruments such as a certificate of deposits CoDtreasury bills, commercial papers etc. Ranked 35 in Liquid Fund category. Ginger News. Liquid Mutual Fund is an open-ended Liquid Scheme. Ranked 20 in Liquid Fund category. The investment objective of the scheme is to generate optimal returns consistent with moderate levels of top and high 2019. Thus, begin your investments in our recommendations of the Best Liquid Mutual Funds funds for parking your idle money invest and switch to them for easy withdrawal of click to see more Mutual Fund Investments. Duration Eff. Junkbox, on returns alone, liquid funds score over a savings bank account. Note, it is extremely important to choose a debt mutual fund scheme that matches your investment horizon. In the dividend option, the profits made by inves fund are not re-invested. However, before proceeding further, here are a few pointers you vunds keep in mind. Dividends are distributed to the investor from time to liquid. Read More 5 minute read. Talk to our investment specialist. Owing to its familiarity and institutionalized nature of saving bank accounts, an funes Indian taxpayer has more trust in them. The following table shows the top 10 liquid funds in India based on the returns in the last three years.


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